Le Domaine L'Orangeraie, La Digue, Seychelles

Why we love it
La Digue is relaxed, small and there are almost no cars - just hundreds of bicycles. We loved this 4 star hotel as its situated right at the point near where the ferry arrives and has a lovely deck overlooking the bay. It has a great snorkel spot right off their jetty, however we didnt get the chance to test it out. The accommodation is varied with garden and hillside villas and it has a stunning spa up on the hill. The guests gather at sunset on the wide deck and enjoy sun downers while in the pool.

What to expect
the villas are high up on the hill with wonderful views and are very private. Expect air conditioning and all the luxuries, including indoor-outdoor bathrooms.

What to do.
Just walk out the resort, down the road past all the cafes and quaint shops, and visit the giant tortoises and the exquisite granite beaches. All the famous pictures you have seen in the brochures come from La Digue island. Take a picnic, and some snorkel gear and come back late. Its idyllic and super relaxed with beach bars and nearby hikes. Lovely little curio shops and good fishing nearby.

When to visit
Seychelles is hot and pretty humid all year round. The rain is more prevelant from November to April, however not much more than short hard showers. The humidity is highest during the rainy season. The wind and choppy seas start in May and go on till November, with the rainy season being calmest for boating.

We didnt see that many kids here, but they would be very happy here as its pretty relaxed. There isnt a dedicated kids area or club though. We like that you can walk around here at night totally safely, and kids will love riding bikes.

How to get there
It is a 15 minute ferry transfer from Praslin.

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